About InnoLife, Platform for VR

At InnoLife, our goal is to promote and share VR technology and to create the high quality content in the coming VR world.

The experience of VR is improving. Youtube and Facebook started to support 4k 360 video in 2017. Previously, the VR experience is not good because there was not enough resolution for the video. Although 4k 360 photo is not bad, you can only experience a static world. Higher resolution 360 video will let users to have immersion in the virtual world and this let us to have different new usages, application and opportunities.

The mission of InnoLife is to continuously keep abreast of improvement and innovation for VR Technology and Application. We try to promote the use of VR technology to improve different industries, operation flow and our living standard.

In our road map, initially, InnoLife will create and share the content for high quality of 360 video (such as 4k and 5.7k). We will invite different 360 video lovers and creators to join this platform in order to consolidate different content worldwide. New VR application will be developed using the 360 VR material in this platform.

Innolife is an aggressive and ambitious VR content and application platform striving for long-term innovation to improve our life style. We continually improve ourselves in VR technology, material and application.  With our strength and devotion, we can serve for different VR application developers worldwide.

  • 360 Video Content Creation 

  • 360 Video Content Sharing

  • VR Application Development

  • 360 Video Sharing Platform

Founders Qualifications
  • More than 10 years RF communication experience

  • Previous university researcher

  • More than 5 years cloud and big data expereince